Man charged for placing placards in High Street Centre

 Man charged for 2 offences under the Public Order Act

On April 14th , a 40-year old man named Yan Jun, was accused in court. His offence was later conducted under the police act. It has been claimed that the reason why Jun was taken into court was because in March the same year he displayed certain offensive placards in an area that was strictly forbidden. Not only did he offend the area rules, the placards themselves demonstrated rather direct and absurd insinuations regarding judicial corruption and the steps taken by the Supreme Court against it.

As a result of displaying the placards at the High Street Center, Jun was arrested on April 13th on Wednesday evening. It is also stated that no direct appeal or request was made for his release. Consequently, his prosecution was given a very different turn and his actions were to be assessed on the basis of his psychiatric understanding, at least that was the official report released till April 28th.

Yang Ziliang who was the Deputy Public Prosecutor in the case later informed the court that Jun conducted his actions as a result of a disturbing mental ailment that resulted in him experiencing delusions. Under the influence of these delusions, Jun made poor choices and thus was labelled as inappropriate and corrupt for his actions. This claim was backed when Jun accused the police officers arresting him as immoral and unethical, at the time of the offence. He also released a statement saying that he was at the park because he considers it a public space. If Jun is imprisoned, his fine is expected to be around $5000 for the initial charge and around $3000 for the second one.

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