A collaborative innovation workspace in High Street Centre

A collaborative innovation workspace in High Street Centre

The High Street Centre said to cover around 8,600 square feet is considered as a centre of innovation and collaborations. It is home to Collision 8 which is unrestricted and is a space that homes 21st-century innovations and cooperative prospects for all the people who work there.

These requirements are met through:

  1. Welcome conferences
  2. Regular checking in
  3. Introductions made into programs that are designed through a personalised mode.

As a result of the above-mentioned three steps, Collision 8 also works towards customised events that are based on the collaboration of more than one industry working towards achieving the same goals. These includes:

  1. Dinners
  2. Classes
  3. Social meetings
  4. Private deals
  5. Workshops and other similar events.

The area can easily cater to more than 150 people at a time. It offers all the essentials to all the individuals present. They are provided with carefully designed rooms where they can hold any of the above private sessions in peace. They are also provided with desks and spaces where meetings can be conducted in the proper and professional manner. Collision 8 is called an energetic and innovative space that has the ability to bring people together almost as if by chance. Collision 8 in the High Street Centre is an elegant and classy environment to work in and is full of bright and positive energy to get the innovative juices running. It is an inspired place that in turn inspires.

It also homes a library that caters to your keys and cards in glass shelves with books displayed in exotic wooden shelves across a bar. All of which can be accessed during the day and night.

So if you want to get the inspiring energy to get innovative for up and coming collaborative meetings then Collision 8 in the High Street Center is the place to be.

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