High Street Centre definitely takes one of the top spots for having beautiful sky-rise building. The area is particularly convenient, it has a lot of green spaces around it and is characterised with quiet surrounding. The building is mainly used for office purposes and it is amongst the oldest ones in the city. It was built all the way back in 1969.

It is located in the vicinity of tremendously famous landmarks such as Boat Quay and Clarke Quay. As far as the facilities in the building goes, there is a significant car park as well as 24-hour live security. Both of these are important in order to create maximum comfort for the tenants.

The High Street Centre is closely located to some shopping centres like the Riverwalk Galleria as well as the Funan Digitalife Mall. There are also a few different institutions which are rather renowned. These include the Singapore Management University as well as the Auston Institute of Management & Technology.

The building is conveniently located about 5-minute drives away from the Central Business District area and from Orchard Road. This is particularly convenient, especially if you have your own car – you can get downtown in less than 5 minutes which is definitely preferable. The building is a very characteristic structure which was built almost 50 years ago. If you pay attention to the facade, you will quickly notice that this is a contemporary looking office building, even though it was built almost half a century ago. With traditional windowing for the entire building, the High Street Centre in Singapore is amongst the best places to rent or purchase an office. Regardless of the age, it remains one of the best buildings in Singapore.